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Your Restaurant Can Save More Money, If Only You Pay Attention of Fryer Oil Life

Running a restaurant, a food joint or basically any unit that sells fast friend, it's pretty much implied that you will get +80% sales from deep-fried foods, which means you need to preserve both fryer oil life and Fryer Filter Machine life.

Things You Can Do To Lengthen the Fryer Oil Life and Fryer Filter Machine Life ✔️ You need to routinely change the cooking oil to prevent the deterioration of fryer machine ✔️ You need to take special care to ensure that microscopic substances like dust or garbage don't fall into the machine and get clogged into the filter. ✔️ You need to service your fryer machine with a good oil filter machine like Micro Filter King's Fryer Filter Machine, this machine can within minutes service the entire fryer machine and make it new, thereby strengthening the fryer machine and in turn also lengthening fryer oil life. ✔️ You have to keep track of the temperature if the oil is being cooked to very high temperature then that breaks down the molecule…

How To Watch Movies For Free? Where To Watch Movies For Free

Gone are the days of streaming movies and sitcoms on Television, we are living in the age of YouTube, Creators and OTTs (Over The Top)

There are so much interesting content available on the internet and television is absolutely no match for it. People are increasingly drifting towards the internet to consume exciting content.
Movies are one such extraordinary forms of entertainment, it's a way to escape the reality to immerse in a reality where there are no bounds to imagination and fascination. In a movie it is possible for an automobile to fly in sky, it is possible for Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) to life a cavalry and march enemies towards their death.
All the same, there are movies so meaningful that we just can't seem to forget, movies like Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather Series, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and so much more.
We have put together a list of free sites to watch a movie for free online.
Websites To Watch Movies For Free Online 1. Fmovies 2. 123Movies 3. …

Your co-workers don't need to know about your Depression - Follow me on Blogarama

Disclaimer: This article might be triggering for people suffering from depression.  My intention isn't to provoke or hurt feelings.
Howdy, Investigators 😎
Today let's talk about 'Depression'

What is Depression? Where should I even begin?
That's a lot to take in. Depression is a state of mind in which the victim feels low with or without a trigger. The chemical imbalance in the brain causes these states to prevail. The chemicals are Dopamine & Seratonin. The strides of feelings that a depressed person goes through are hopelessness, inferiority complex, fear, helplessness & anxiety.
Loss of Motivation in doing work is rather prevalent.
If this goes for long then it could lead to suicidal tendencies. 

We have got a good look at what it is capable of.

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42.5% of corporate employees suffer  from Depression
~ Assocham Report

It deserves an entire blog post to merely talk about Depres…

Who are Askholes? How to beat them in their own game?

What does the word Askhole mean? Askhole is a slang term that internet coined a little while ago.  You can guess, that it's the conjunction of two of two rather unflattering adjectives.
Ask + Asshole = 'AskHole'

Who is an Askhole? Urban Dictionary defines, Askhole as
A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet ALWAYS does the complete opposite of what you told them to do.
"Oh my God, Sheldon is such a total askhole!!! He always asks me what he should do about this or that and I give him my opinion, BUT he just NEVER listens to my advice. Rich just goes ahead and does what he wants to do in the first place. I don't know why I bother. "

By now, you must have gotten a pretty good look at what the word 'ASKHOLE' means.

These people live among us. They never disclose their true identity.
They do their work hiding in the plain sight before we realize what they did, it's already too late.

Here's what a casual conversation with an Askhole sounds like

Motivation is Temporary, keeping it real with yourself is the need of the Hour

Motivation is Temporary, raise your bar higher
What is Motivation?Let's understand why Motivation is Temporary.

The word Motivation comes from the word ‘Motive’.

Our every action, work, or cause of action is a result of a Motive. There’s always a catch behind everything. Nobody goes on to do anything without a motive.

We go to work 9-hour jobs because our motive is to earn money. With that money, we look after our livelihood, to make sure that there's a roof above our head, food in our belly & cloth on our body.

Working on jobs isn't everyone's cup of Tea. Not that there's anything wrong in working for or with someone. People are gradually drifting towards Entrepreneurship.

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Why is it that we seek Motivation, in the first place?
Every once in a while we find ourselves in this awkward situation. Where we feel helpless, we see other people who are living their dreams. And here we are working 9-hour job. It sucks!

The on…

Change your Mindset, Change your Life, Learn this and set yourself free of self-sabotaging rituals

What the heck is Mindset anyway?

Mindset meaning:A Mindset is the set of beliefs that you have acquired growing up, and now you adhere to it unflinchingly.
Mindset can be static or dynamic, it differs from people to people. We come across people that we find to be insanely productive, self-motivated, optimist, and Successful. 
Well, envious people say, that they got lucky, but that's a blatant lie. 

The Truth is that they knowingly or unknowingly are tapping into the Mindset game. Your mindset game depends extensively on your environment, your parenting, the people you hang out with. 
Hence, it is said over and over again, that you must be highly selective of people who you are gonna befriend. You are letting those people take control over your subconscious mind.
The bottom line is that even if you have had a rather unflattering and disappointing life know this for the fact that things can indeed change for good and only you get to decide and implement that change.

What makes Mindset th…

We shouldn't forget what happened before Independence and give in to western brainwashing

Forgive but don't forget

In this post, I am not encouraging vendetta or cynicism.
I just saw a YouTube video that was a real eye-opener for me. Back when Mr. Shashi Tharoor gave his speech in Oxford Union, the facts that he laid out shook the whole world about the injustices inflicted on us Indians by Britishers. It was a spine-tingling experience.
He made his point with accurate facts and figures.
What's sad is the fact that, I learned the truth about the monstrosity of Britishers through a YouTube video. Never learned about this in school.

This isn't the video of Shashi Tharoor from Oxford union. This video is made by an Indian youtuber, goes by the name Four Minute Films.
In this video not only has he pointed out the evils done by Winston Churchill towards Indians, but he has unveiled our tendency towards acceptance of westernization. 
Having watched the full video, I find it compelling.